Weidasar carries out stringent quality control inspection and testing programs on all its products. The test and inspections conducted are:

A) Raw Material : Incoming raw material checking on Melt Index and Density
B) Dimensional : Outside Diameter, Wall Thickness, Length, Ovality
C) Weight : According to Standards
D) Performance : Internal Pressure Test
E) Longitudinal Reversion : Dimensional Changes after subjection to heat
F) Elongation : Elongation Test
G) Thermal Stability : Oxidation Induction Time
H) Tensile Strength & Elongation : Tested on Electrical and Cable Conduits
I) Physical & Mechanical Test on Subduct : Heat Resistance Test, Bending Test and Compression Test
J) Vicat Softening Temperature : Measure the temperature rate of softening on conduit pipe
K) Resistance to Acetone : To check no delamination/disintegration on conduit surface
L) Impact Resistance : Determination of Resistance to External Blows